First Foal cam is up!

Rosa’s foal cam is up! It is with some hesitation that I launch Rosa’s foal cam. I’ve been watching her for over a week now as she began to shape up very early and then promptly stalled. Since then there has been slow, minor changes. She’s not due until May 6th, but was sneaky last year and, thus, warrants even more careful attention. Significant changes will be noted here.

The long wait

It’s the beginning of August and we’re buckling down for the long wait. The vet didn’t dare hazard a guess at the sexes, but thinks they are of the same variety.

Rosa showed off her ’09 filly by DeNiro at the AHS inspection today. The filly strutted her stuff and was awarded Top Filly! Rosa has been on lease to Kristen McCormick of Golden Gait Farm and will be returning home shortly. Congratulations Kristen!

A year later…

Well, here we are a year later and there’s no filly. In fact there’s no colt either. Lacrosse had a freak accident two days after we inseminated her and ended up with a hematoma in her right ear. We tried conservative treatments to no avail and she ended up colicing badly. Thankfully she pulled through after a stay at New England Equine. Once it was clear that she hadn’t settled – no surprise there – we were more aggressive with her ear and were thankfully able to heal it. It looks mostly normal now, just a bit misshappen and a few white hairs. Due to the late date, we did not re-breed last year.

She took on the first breeding this year and is due in the middle of May. Because her cycle wasn’t completely normal and I didn’t want to end up using Rosa as a back-up mare late in the season and throw her schedule off, we bred them 2 days apart after working out an arrangement with Iron Spring Farm. We are lucky in that Sir Sinclair is also an excellent cross for her. So now I have two foals due in the middle of May! It’s going to be an exciting May!

The vet is coming to attempt a sexing on both fetuses today. Think Pink for Lacrosse!

Think Pink!

News of Lacrosse’s last foal has been largely exaggerated. In truth he was meant to be her last foal and, until very recently he was going to be. The ball started rolling again when my vet came out for some routine work and asked why I wasn’t breeding her again. My response sounded pretty lame as a few management changes had resolved the issues I had been seeing in her.

Fast forward to the GOV inspection earlier this month… Unfortunately Ollivander didn’t strut his stuff, but the inspectors thought Lacrosse was up for round 5 and encouraged me to give it another try. Needless to say, I didn’t need much in the way of encouragement. 😉

I’ve decided to try something new this time and have settled on a stallion newly approved by the GOV, Sir Sinclair. He was collected today and I am bringing Lacrosse up to the clinic tomorrow to be inseminated. Needless to say, I am a nervous wreck and I am already dreaming about seeing a filly by her side this time next year.

Think Pink!

Finally, pictures!

We finally got our act together and took a few pictures of him. I was actually attempting to get pictures to show his many white markings so that the registry can type up all his paperwork, so they are just posed shots. It’s just as well becasue he was too quick for the few action shots we tried and they came out blurry!

Outside @ 2 weeks



First exploration outside

Ollivander thoroughly enjoyed his first playtime out in the field this evening. As always, Lacrosse was an attentive Mom and desperately tried to prevent him from running away from her. He clearly had fun testing out the capabilities of those incredibly long legs, however. He seems like he’s grown taller already. I can’t wait to watch him come into his own over the next few weeks. They will be going outside in increasingly long bursts as Lacrosse’s system gets used to the lush spring grass.

Doing well!

Both Ollivander and Lacrosse are doing well. The foaling was textbook and Lacrosse is a fabulous Mom. Due to his excessively long legs, he’s taken a bit of extra time to figure them out, but that is to be expected. Both got a clean bill of health from the vet. He is already showing off an incredible temperament. He’s very easy to handle and very curious about the world. Hopefully everything will dry out enough that I can let him explore outside for a while later today.

Welcome Ollivander!

Lacrosse gave birth to an enormous chestnut colt with a ton of white. He has two identical high whites behind, just like his older brother, and one high white in front, including part of his knee. The other front has an interesting triangle of white pointing down from his knee and a triangle of white pointing up from his foot towards the knee spot. His face sports a beautiful blaze that comes to a point between his nostrils and a white chin. Though we had to help him onto his feet, he went right for the udder and figured it out like a champ. You can already tell he’s going to be easy going and loveable. 🙂

It’s a BOY!!!

At around 3am, Lacrosse delivered a big healthy baby boy!  He has lots of white, 3 full socks and a white spot on his other leg.  He’s currently wearing a fashionable pink blanket to keep him warm (the blue blanket was backordered).