Lacrosse’s turn!

As usual, Lacrosse has waited until she’s good and ready before presenting us with her last gift. Hopes are high that she’ll bookend her three gorgeous colts with fillies and leave me with a princess to which she can pass down her crown. Currently her milk Ca levels are approaching 350ppm so we expect her to foal in the wee hours of the morning.

It’s a filly!

Rosa presented us with a gorgeous solid bay filly just after 10:30pm on April 28th, the night of the pink moon. She’s tall, strong, and active. She has been blessed with Rosa’s Rohdiamant type head and has very correct conformation. We look forward to watching her unfold!

The real full moon

I’ve never seen Rosa agitated like she was this evening as I was doing night feeding. I have to admit, in a vain attempt to get this foal out sonner rather than later, I’m feeding early again tonight. There is no question in my mind that foaling is imminent. Her milk test verifies that as well. She came in over 300ppm. I had mistakenly reported that last night was the full moon after poor information on a random website. I noted, however, during a late night check that it didn’t look full. Consultation with my NEDA calendar marks today as a full “pink” moon. I guess time will tell if the “pink” holds any significance!

More waiting

We were greeted with snow flurries instead of foal nickers this morning – it wouldn’t surprise me if one had to do with the other. I guess I may be using that newborn blanket after all as tonight is supposed to be a cold one too. She had anxious moments around 3am, 4am, and 5am – just long enough to give me an adrenaline boost. Rosa got out for some much needed, well supervised R&R this morning and had a little TLC to boot. I took off the tail wrap as it was on longer than I like to leave them on. The wait continues…


Milk test results are in! Rosa made the big jump in her milk Ca level that I’ve been waiting for today. She’s still somewhat below the 200ppm mark. On average there is a 54% chance of a mare foaling within 24 hrs of the point when mammary secretions first reach that point. Based on her rate of increase and her history, I expect a foal tonight. Adrenaline is a good thing.

Full Moon tonight!

Rosa blessed me with about three times her normal number of manure piles today. Forever optimistic, I’m hoping it’s a sign that tonight’s the night. I’ll collect some milk to test in a couple of hours. Everyone ready for some Full Moon Excitement?

Hmmm, maybe tomorrow night…

Rosa’s milk Ca level continues to lag her other signs, though it is up about 15 ppm again from her last test. Considering that she foaled shortly after a Ca test that would not normally predict that she was imminent last year, I take the results with a bit of a grain of salt. Sometimes I question my sanity and think I should just set my alarm for morning and get a good nights sleep, however!


Well, the foal is clearly in position. As I was checking Rosa’s vulva this evening she was given a swift kick in the anus from the other side! Besides being as droopy as an empty sack, her vulva is becoming swollen and deepening it’s shade of red. Her udder has been very firm and hot for the past few days. She’s also been going through what seems like a lot of water, though she’s nibbling on the straw some so that could be contributing to her thirst. She continues to neglect the last bits of meals, though, again, the straw nibbling may be a factor. She’s getting to the point now, based on her other signs, that I may be up continuously regardless of her milk test reading, which I’ll wait to do late tonight.

Milk Ca up 15ppm

Rosa continued to show signs of discomfort throughout the day and did not finish her meals. This evening her milk Ca levels have increased some for the first time since I began testing her. Last year she went shortly after her Ca levels began increasing. I will be changing her over to straw tonight.