Better camera/viewing solution

I’ve been scrambling to make up for the horrible software which comes with the Toshiba network camera (love the camera, hate the software). Unfortunately the alternatives seem to be few and far between, and I’ve only been able to get one to work on a steady basis. Forgive the “Demo Edition” text overlay, it’ll go away as soon as I receive the license key.

I’ve redirected the links, so you should see the new page automagically. Everyone should be using to get the best updated images:

Basically it’s a page which refreshed itself every three seconds (my apologies for the flicker, when the image reloads). I’m continuing to work on a better solution but it’ll take time (and if the way in which Stef is running around frantically is any indication, I might not have much time left 😉

Tonight’s the night?

I re-tested Lacrosse’s milk calcium levels at 9pm. She tested at 250ppm, which means I will have a very sleepless night indeed! 🙂 One night I can do on adrenaline, let’s hope it’s not two… Serg is working on a better camera solution, in case anyone is actually awake to see it. We’ll post that as soon as it’s up and running.

Getting closer…

I’ve been monitoring her milk calcium levels as a means to help me loose as little sleep as possible. Last night she was at about 150ppm, this morning she tested at over 175ppm. According to my references, once she first hits 200ppm she has a 54% chance of foaling within 24 hours, a 84% chance of foaling within 48 hours, and a 98% chance of foaling within 72 hours. She lost her mucous plug yesterday, but some references give them 24-48 hours after, others 7-10 days. While she could stall here for a while, there’s a good chance we’ll have a foal on the ground before the week is out.

Lily’s milk is now testing around 50ppm, but she’s a maiden, and so may shape up faster.