Finally, pictures!

We finally got our act together and took a few pictures of him. I was actually attempting to get pictures to show his many white markings so that the registry can type up all his paperwork, so they are just posed shots. It’s just as well becasue he was too quick for the few action shots we tried and they came out blurry!

Outside @ 2 weeks



First exploration outside

Ollivander thoroughly enjoyed his first playtime out in the field this evening. As always, Lacrosse was an attentive Mom and desperately tried to prevent him from running away from her. He clearly had fun testing out the capabilities of those incredibly long legs, however. He seems like he’s grown taller already. I can’t wait to watch him come into his own over the next few weeks. They will be going outside in increasingly long bursts as Lacrosse’s system gets used to the lush spring grass.

Doing well!

Both Ollivander and Lacrosse are doing well. The foaling was textbook and Lacrosse is a fabulous Mom. Due to his excessively long legs, he’s taken a bit of extra time to figure them out, but that is to be expected. Both got a clean bill of health from the vet. He is already showing off an incredible temperament. He’s very easy to handle and very curious about the world. Hopefully everything will dry out enough that I can let him explore outside for a while later today.

Welcome Ollivander!

Lacrosse gave birth to an enormous chestnut colt with a ton of white. He has two identical high whites behind, just like his older brother, and one high white in front, including part of his knee. The other front has an interesting triangle of white pointing down from his knee and a triangle of white pointing up from his foot towards the knee spot. His face sports a beautiful blaze that comes to a point between his nostrils and a white chin. Though we had to help him onto his feet, he went right for the udder and figured it out like a champ. You can already tell he’s going to be easy going and loveable. 🙂

It’s a BOY!!!

At around 3am, Lacrosse delivered a big healthy baby boy!  He has lots of white, 3 full socks and a white spot on his other leg.  He’s currently wearing a fashionable pink blanket to keep him warm (the blue blanket was backordered).

Dinner is served

Lacrosse just got her last meal of the day. She now has large white globs of wax on both teats, another sign I’ve never seen in her before. Although she is not yet sweaty, I’ve never seen her sweat immediately prior to foaling either. I’ll keep the lights on for a while longer, then switch to only the nightlight if she needs some encouragement.

Adrenaline is a wonderful thing!

I went out early to check on her and get everyone settled for the night and found her streaming milk. I’ve never seen her streaming milk before, so this is about as strong of a sign as there can be. Of course, it’s fair to note that some mares can stream milk for days. Thankfully it stopped pretty quickly so I don’t have to worry too much about her losing colostrum. However, I didn’t bother with the milk test. I did clean up her udder and her haunches. Her vulva is practically flapping in the breeze it’s so relaxed – you can even see pink edges sometimes on the camera – and it’s bright red inside. I know that’s probably more than many of you wanted to know, but it’s a strong sign of impending birth.

Needless to say, she’s been kicking a lot and the foal has as well. It definitely wants out! I’ll leave the lights on for a little while, especially as she has one more feeding tonight, then I’ll leave the nightlight on to encourage her to let us meet this little one.

My issues with staying awake to foal watch are long gone with this recent burst of adrenaline! 🙂

Isn’t this fun? :-P

Lacrosse apparently feels the need to demonstrate, once again, the “elusive term mare”. Her milk test is holding steady. She is thoroughly miserable and slept laying down longer than I’ve ever seen a horse sleep laying down. One 1.5 hour nap yesterday afternoon and one 2 hour nap last night. This morning’s nap was shorter and more disturbed, especially as she couldn’t seem to get comfortable flat out. Having said all of that, she seems quieter than she did last time, maybe experience has won out? One of us won’t last much longer, hopefully it’s her!

Today’s the day!

Lacrosse’s extra long nap postponed her milk test tonight. She just tested at 350 ppm, where she tested 6 hours prior to foaling last time. She is positively miserable. There is so much pressure on her vulva that it is literally pushed out. I cleaned her up and wrapped her tail so she’s ready to go at any moment. If she makes it until morning’s light, I will feel truly sorry for her.