Cam is up!

Rosa has moved to the foaling stall and the cam is up! Her milk test is at ~250 ppm tonight. So, although she held out for a while longer last time, it’s going to be a sleepless night.

Patience is a virtue

My wait to start milk testing Rosa seems to have paid off. Instead of tormenting me by not budging for weeks, she’s up to about 175 ppm. It’s likely she’ll be moving to the foaling stall shortly!

Holding out!

Though Rosa likes to foal early, she seems to not be impressed with the weather and my decision to breed her earlier last year. At least one of us is sane! Thankfully the snow and ice have finally melted in the paddock, though my field is still slowly melting. She has been seemingly stuck at the same level of udder development for a couple of weeks, but the first milk test put her at 90 ppm tonight. Last time she held out until over 300 ppm, but she’s been sneaky before. The foaling stall is stripped and will be disinfected shortly. Cameras will be up soon thereafter. A link will be posted. Hopefully we’ll be welcoming a foal by Ampère into the world next week!

Lacrosse is foaled!

Well Lacrosse gave birth to a healthy strong tall boy just after midnight! At the same time we lost our internet connection! Sorry everyone. We’ll post a video shortly with the birth though.

After review…

Reviewing notes from her last foal reminded me that she stalled at this point for a full day before finally foaling in 2008. In 2006 she foaled 6 hours after reaching 350ppm, but that was also later in the year. Based partly on the fact that she’s appearing more relaxed than normal for her, I have a feeling I’ll be in this same spot tomorrow – awaiting the birth.

Lacrosse’s turn!

As usual, Lacrosse has waited until she’s good and ready before presenting us with her last gift. Hopes are high that she’ll bookend her three gorgeous colts with fillies and leave me with a princess to which she can pass down her crown. Currently her milk Ca levels are approaching 350ppm so we expect her to foal in the wee hours of the morning.

It’s a filly!

Rosa presented us with a gorgeous solid bay filly just after 10:30pm on April 28th, the night of the pink moon. She’s tall, strong, and active. She has been blessed with Rosa’s Rohdiamant type head and has very correct conformation. We look forward to watching her unfold!