It’s a BOY!!!

At around 3am, Lacrosse delivered a big healthy baby boy!  He has lots of white, 3 full socks and a white spot on his other leg.  He’s currently wearing a fashionable pink blanket to keep him warm (the blue blanket was backordered).

It’s a BOY!

Rosa had her beautiful baby boy at around 11:30pm. Stefanie says he was trying to stand up even before he was completely out of Rosa! He’s trying very early to get to his feet, which of course if great. If you’ve missed the foaling, I’ve captured it and will post it soon.

Frustrating, exhausted… and excited!

Stef’s just about to drop dead from 4 virtually sleepless nights!  She was planning on catching a little nap to re-energize, so she went out to take care of the horses and noticed that Lacrosse was sweating on both sides of her belly and only half-heartedly eating her food.  She’s thinking (and hoping) that this afternoon might be the time!

Latest Calcium test is around 275ppm, which is finally some movement from the 250 that she’s been at for days!

I’ll crank up the refresh rate on the camera if things start to show any more progress.

Camera controls added…

I’ve update the page for Lacrosse’s foal cam to include the camera controls.  The lag is pretty significant (even locally), so be careful not to over shoot your target.  It’s nearly impossible to keep up with Lacrosse when she’s on the move, so it’s best to wait until she settles down in a region before moving it.

What happens when you experience exponential growth!

YIKES! My “Will work for bandwidth” geeky t-shirt just took on a whole new meaning! This morning I looked at it because I was seeing some warning messages at 3:30am (80% usage). By 9am we had exceeded the usage! When I had last looked I thought I saw a usage of 12GB. So I contacted our hosting provider and bought another 10GB, figuring that would be plenty to get us through the foaling… Well by early afternoon we had blown through that! I must have missed a digit, because while trying to up the bandwidth again, I noticed that we had used over 140GB of bandwidth.

I’ll be tweaking the pages tonight, after Diego goes to sleep.

At least no one missed anything. Lacrosse was out grazing right up to the time that the bandwidth problem was sorted out! Talk about timing.