Doing well!

Both Ollivander and Lacrosse are doing well. The foaling was textbook and Lacrosse is a fabulous Mom. Due to his excessively long legs, he’s taken a bit of extra time to figure them out, but that is to be expected. Both got a clean bill of health from the vet. He is already showing off an incredible temperament. He’s very easy to handle and very curious about the world. Hopefully everything will dry out enough that I can let him explore outside for a while later today.

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  1. that’s great news. peeking in on the first day of his life was very fun. the breeze and sun should dry things out for a great venture outside later today! looking forward to watching the birth video (i think), the one you posted quits after a few minutes. thanks for sharing : – )

  2. Thanks for letting me visit with Ollivander and Lacrosse yesterday. Seeing him just hours after his birth took my breath away. I didn’t want to leave. As long I bring chocolate, I can see him any time, right?

  3. Patti, that first day it always amazes me that they were just squeezed impossibly inside their Mother and were so quickly able to figure out their feet and everything else in their little world. You won’t believe how quickly he’ll change. He already seems to have grown! You’re welcome to visit, just let us know first.

    Dana, I’m sorry the video didn’t work out. Serg is working on the higher definition version, though it will probably not be as long. The actual birth, from front feet out to hind feet resting inside before Lacrosse got up is only a few minutes long. Most of the other video is Lacrose deciding to lay down again and taking a break once he’s delivered.

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